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Family Law Services

Missouri & Illinois Family Law Attorney

Halenkamp Law, LLC incorporates both experience and efficiency to provide creative solutions and options to help clients wade through the complex and sometimes unavoidable issues that arise in family law matters. Our firm’s first priority is to protect a client’s family and children while committing to a strategic approach which maximizes effectiveness for each client.

St. Louis Area Divorce Attorney

George L. Halenkamp, IV is dedicated to being an advisor and advocate for all of his family law clients, which earned him the 2015 American Institute of Family Law Attorneys Ten Best in the State of Missouri. Halenkamp Law, LLC has a reputation for handling complex family law issues, including but not limited to: Divorce, Paternity, Child Custody, Child Support, Modification of Prior Judgments or Enforcing Judgments.

St. Louis Area Divorce Lawyer

Halenkamp Law, LLC aggressively represents clients through all stages of divorce. Whether contested or uncontested, our firm assists clients with all potential liability issues, including but not limited to maintenance, spousal support, and division of property in complex and high net worth matters.

Paternity, Child Custody and Support

Family Law Lawyer in Jefferson County, MO

Our team represents parents in custody and visitation of children matters on a weekly basis. We help guide parents through the mechanics of child custody and address how all child care costs affect child support calculations.


A parent must follow numerous procedural guidelines when desiring to relocate. Our firm takes an active approach to assisting parents to meet those guidelines.

Orders of Protection

When it becomes necessary to take protective measures for you or your children, we take aggressive action to help parents feel safe.

Modification of judgments

A change in circumstances may trigger modification of your judgment. As children age, it may be necessary to reassess prior custody and visitation agreements.

Enforcement of judgments

When a party refuses to comply with a Court Order, motions for contempt may be used to enforce a party to comply.

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