Technology in Family Law

Technology in the family law arena has come a long way in recent years, especially in the area of co-parenting apps.  Co-parenting apps have become a useful tool to parents with communication problems about the child(ren). If used correctly, these apps act as a bridge for parents to work together and communicate about things that affect the children, such as soccer games, schedule changes, health issues, and, of course, financial matters. But they must use it appropriately.

There are several companies that have created co-parenting apps to help divorced or separated parents co-parent. In my opinion, the two most commonly used in the St. Louis area (Missouri and Illinois) are Our Family Wizard ( and Talking Parents ( Our Family Wizard and Talking Parents include calendars for both parents to add and update schedules and activities. Some apps have folders for the parents to upload important documents such as insurance information, medical bills, report cards, etc.  Furthermore, and most importantly, these apps provide a forum for parents to communicate with each other while also tracking those communications for possible future use.

These apps can help parents in various ways but parents must use these apps correctly. Parents must use these apps to communicate effectively since both parents know the communications are tracked and may be used in pending or subsequent litigation. Moreover, there is accountability between the parents because most, if not all, of the child(ren)’s information should be stored on the app. The use of co-parenting apps is a popular tool in family law litigation. It is recommended that you speak with your lawyer to see if this is something that can benefit your family law matter.